Quickly scope and price your digital projects

A scoping & budgeting tool that helps you charge more and prevent scope creep, once and for all.

Ever lost sleep over one of these?

Let's take the anxiety out of scoping and budgeting

Charge too much and you'll price yourself out. Too little and you're losing profit. Forget to include items in the scope and that'll come back to bite you down the road. There's a lot of uncertainty that comes with effectively scoping and pricing a digital project. That's where we come in.

How it Works

1. Give us a brief

Answer a few quick questions about your project & client so we can build your SOW.

2. Hang Tight

Kick back while we assemble your SOW and build your recommended budget. It only takes a minute.

3. Review & Send

Review your SOW, make final tweaks and send it off to your client for approval.

Quick & Easy

Smart Scope Generator

Give us a few details about your project and we’ll generate a comprehensive Scope of Work on the spot — customize as needed and you’re good to go. 


Tell us what type of project you’re working on, and we’ll outline all of the tasks that go into it so you don’t have to.


Quickly add, remove or edit all columns, rows and content to customize as needed. 


Your SOW, pre-populated and ready to go in seconds.


Recommended hourly estimates broken down for each task.


Your Scope in seconds

We’ll automatically generate a list of tasks commonly associated with your chosen deliverables. That means that you don’t have to start from scratch every time and you’ll never leave something out of the budget again.

No more guesswork

Pricing Suggestions

Figuring out what to charge for a project is stressful. Our price recommendations consider all of the variables so you can send a quote you feel confident about.


Pricing Method
Variables considered
  • Estimated Hours
  • Hourly Rate


Pricing Method
Variables considered
  • Estimated hours
  • Hourly rate
  • Risk tolerance
  • Current workload
  • Type of client
  • Backend potential
  • ...and more

designed with dollars in mind

Charge More, Lose Less

Stop Scope Creep

When it comes to scoping it can be tempting to get lazy and phone it in. But the looser your document, the more wiggle room the client has to make out-of-scope requests that eat into your profit and cost you money.

ScopeConcierge ensures that your Scope of Work document is thorough, detailed and bullet proof — every time.

Uncover Hidden Costs

Many agencies and freelancers fail to consider ALL of the costs that are commonly associated with projects. When you aren't aware of a cost, you can't charge for it — which means it's coming out of your profit.

Our scoping documents account for all potential costs, no matter how small.

Sweet Spot Pricing

Price the project too high and you might lose the gig. Too low and you cut into profit. So how do you find the sweet spot that's going to give the highest chances of winning the project without costing you money that you can't afford to lose?

Our Pricing Recomendation feature is designed to help you determine the perfect price for every project.

Choose your plan

Whether you're a standalone freelancer, a full fledged agency or somewhere between, we've got an option for you!


Up to 5 active projects
$ 12
/ MO
  • 5 active projects
  • Sweet Spot pricing
  • Automatic scope builder
  • Web share SOW


Perfect for small agencies looking to grow
$ 27
/ MO
  • Unlimited active projects
  • Sweet spot pricing
  • Automatic scope builder
  • Web share SOW
  • Custom branding


Perfect for large teams
Let's Talk
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited active projects

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If you aren’t happy with ScopeConcierge for any reason whatsoever, we’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked. 

We’ve designed an algorithm that weighs the impact of certain project variables and then applies that to your hourly rate, ultimately leaving you with a price point that makes the most sense for this particular project. 

Yes! You have the option to save any SOW as a custom template for future use. 

ScopeConcierge’s automatic scope generator is currently designed for website, branding and design projects. However, you can still build your own SOW for any other type of project including social media support, video production and more. 

"Creating a budget and SOW for our projects has been the most painful part of the sales process for years. Constantly second guessing our quote, constantly worrying about leaving something out. ScopeConcierge makes it all a no-brainer."
Shane Martin
Agency Owner

Step 1

Give us a brief

Our ScopeConcierge will walk you through a series of questions designed to pull out crucial project information that will help us build your scope and provide a recommended budget.

Tell us things like what your deliverables are, how many directions you will be presenting, and how many rounds of revision we should bake in. We’ll take care of the rest.

Step 2

Kick Back

Now that you’ve given us all of the project information, your ScopeConcierge will automatically generate a Scope of Work document. This document includes a full, task by task line item breakdown of exactly what will go into your project. 

How it works:

Based on the information you provided in Step 1, we automatically know what tasks are most commonly associated with those deliverables. Those tasks are broken into pre-defined phases like “Planning,” “Design,” “Development,” and so on. We’ll also bake in line items for rounds of revision and even provide a recommended hourly figure to associate with those tasks.

And it’s all editable and customizable!

Step 3

Review & Send

Your Scope fo Work document is fully editable. Add or remove tasks, toggle hours up or down, make any final tweaks before you send it off to the client for approval. 

Comprehensive Pricing

It's time to move beyond hourly pricing

We believe that a good budget considers more than just the hours required to execute the project. That’s why our pricing recommendations account for other variables like your agency's current workload, risk tolerance, the value created for the client and more.

Never second guess a quote again, make data-backed pricing decisions that are easily justifiable.